Scalp Aqua Calming Hair Care Set - 2 pcs


Set includes:

- Scalp Aqua Calming Shampoo - 350g
This shampoo provides the perfect moisture supply for dry scalps and creates a protective barrier to help it maintain its hydration for the longest time.
How to Use:
- Soak the hair with lukewarm water
- Take appropriate amount apply evenly to the scalp to lather
- After 2~3 min. rinse off with lukewarm water

- Scalp Aqua Calming Mask - 200ml
This mask moisturizes dry and sensitive scalps and soothes its irritation, enhancing its overall health.
How to Use:
- After shampooing, massage evenly over hair and scalp
- Leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water