Photo Protect Cream - SPF50 - 50g


As a protector against visible light this cream has been incorporated with its original synthetic melanin into formula. This synthetic, fractionated melanin is adapted to absorb in violet / blue light rays

-Infrared protection properties
A biotechnological product obtained from the Thermus Thermophilus bacteria. The extract of TT combats the damage induced by IR: it diminishes the inflammatory conditions, improves the hydration and maintains the dermal architecture in order to limit the formation of wrinkles.
-DNA repair
Cellular repair directed through DNA protection. 
The extract used in Biotopix PHOTO PROTECT® , is obtained from the leaves of the shrub called Acapulco (Senna Alata) that activates the cellular defense system and therefore reduces the degree of DNA damage through:
- Capacity support of natural repair of the cells when necessary.
- Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles due to UV exposure with an easily noticeable effect due to permanent use.
-Total protection against daylight.
Effective protection against UVA / UVB rays.
Strong protection against infrared light and visible light.
-Active Moisturizer 

How To Use:
Apply to the skin in the morning after having done its daily cleaning and reapply several times a day to maintain protection, especially before exposure to light of all kinds.

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