Facial Whitening Cream - SPF 15 - 50ml


Active cream recommended for everyday application to skin with uneven pigmentation and discolouration connected with age, hormonal disorders or overexposure to the sun.
This cream applied on a regular bases lightens the complexion immediately and makes the discolourations smaller and less intensive whilst correcting overall skin colouration and limiting skin darkening. 

-Immediate Lightening Effect
-It contains active substances: Lumisphere actively whitens the skin by inhibiting tyrozynase development which then decreases the level of skin melanin.
-It also contains natural UVA/UVB filters- protecting the skin from harmful sun rays and Nanosphere -----Vitamin C which inhibits melanin synthesis and making the complexion more radiant.


How To Use:
-Apply cream directly and leave for 10 minutes.
-Can be applied several times during the day.

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Brand LeSoie
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