Essential Enriched Mask Set - 3 pcs


- Infused with ultra-nourished pearl milk that instantly penetrates into skin and enriches your skin over time
- Enhances and protects skin barrier so you can keep the hydration in your skin
- Infused with ceramide and squalane oil that has high skin affinity protects the moisturizing barrier and balances between hydration and oil to enrich your skin over time
- Replenishes skin without getting sticky or greasy
- Enhances firmness and hydration and drenches your skin with nutrients
- Cashmere-soft micro-fiber mask sheet replenishes and enriches your skin by strongly holding the nourished component
- High-enriched active components immediately penetrate into your skin while this specially designed mask sheet perfectly encloses your face and enhances moisture and radiance

How to use:
- After cleansing your face, apply toner to balance the skin texture. Embrace your face with the mask
- Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and then take it off from the bottom of your face. Tap your skin softly to make the rest of essence absorbed completely

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