Essential Mool Micro Fitting Mist - 55ml


- Glow Fixing If use the mist on the last step of the makeup, fine particles absorb into skin and create natural glow and give your makeup serious staying power
- A must-do Makeup step for long lasting makeup. With a micro spray nozzle, 3 effects of boosting, moisturizing and setting makeup in one press
- Skin Boosting Infused with 82% of czech republic's karlovy vary hot spring water, the mist relieves skin from dryness and keeps moisture in balnace to create flawless skin for delicate makeup
- Karlovy Vary hot spring water is full with mineral ingredients that protects skin
- Hydro Fitting Gas-free packing of micro fine spray provides fast moisture charge while lightly and densely spraying on skin

How to use:
- Shake 3-4 times before use. Close eyes and spray from 20cm away in circular motion
- Make sure to press all the way to get the desirable amount

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