Portable Bakhour Burner - Pink


- A new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element.
- It can heat the incense at the same temperature of charcoal.
- The smell of the original incense is preserved for a longer time, keeping the place enriched with a scent of luxury.
- USB portable electric incense burner, mini and light
- The incense burner has a small as pocket size and is portable, size is about 11.5*5*11.5 cm, this is an indispensable choice for home and travel.
- Modern fashion, this stylish portable bukhoor, full of design.
- Electronic heating, environmental protection, USB charging, can be used repeatedly.
- Beautifully packaged, it is the best choice for sending loved ones and friends.
- Shaped as a hairdryer without wires for safer and easier use than the traditional way

How To Use:
- Before using the burner, make sure it is fully charged until the lights are off
- Open the cap and put the incense on top of the metal piece then close
- Move the safety button down then keep pressing the operating button
- After usage, move your fingers away and swipe the safety button up

Warranty : 12 Months