Beard Straightener - Black


Made for managing longer beards to have a well-groomed beard that looks healthy, anywhere you go.

- With the feature of temperature locking, Press the ON/OFF key to lock it
- Maximum operation temperature can be heated up to 200℃

- Output Power: DC7.4V,10W / 5200mAh
- Input power: DC5V
- Charging time: 3 Hours
- Using time: 1 Hour

Other Contents:
- Paper box
- USB cord

How To Use:
- Turn on/off: Press the power switch for 2 seconds
- Warming/Cooling buttons: Temperature will increase or decrease 4 degrees in temperature each time pressed
- It is suggested to start at mid-high temperature and then reduce the temperature according to hair quality
- Lock the button: When the straightener has reached the desired temperature, press the power/ lock button. The LCD will display “LOC” and the current temperature will remain locked. Press again until lock