Portable Bakhour Burner - Black


A unique innovation inspired by the traditional customs of the gulf region. Applying traditional bukhoor becomes easy and safe with this stylish and high-quality portable bukhoor heater that keeps the bukhoor scent original. It contains a ceramic chamber to put the bukhoor chips and a heating element that heats up to the same temperature as charcoal. 

- Heats up to 450 C
- Long battery life
- Provided with a cleaning tool and micro USB-charger
- Automatic cooling down after two minutes of using
- Three indicating lights for easy guiding 

How to use:
A) For placing bukhoor: 
- Remove the golden cap
- Place Bukhoor with the oiliest side away from the heating element 
- Place the cap back

B) For operating: 
- Double press the button to switch it on 
- Stand it on horizontal standing
- After using, double press the button to switch it off
- Press and hold the button for two seconds to check the battery life

C) For cleansing:
- After using, cool it down for 5 minutes
- Place the metal brush hairs inside the ceramic chamber 
- Restore the cleaning tool to 90 C, to the left and right