Skin & Hair Dry Oil Set - 2 pcs


Set Includes:
1. Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse - 50ml
The sensorial shimmering version of Huile prodigieuse® contains tiny shimmering mineral particles. It nourishes, leaves a satin finish and illuminates skin and hair in one go. It has a unique, non-greasy feel and a captivating fragrance.

2. Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil - 100ml
The legendary skincare treatment with seven precious botanical oils and 98% natural ingredients provides long-lasting hydration for the face and body. Its antioxidant action and "anti-pollution shield effect" and its power to reduce the appearance of stretch marks make it your everyday ally.

How to Use:
- Face: in the palm of your hand, blend a few drops with your day cream or foundation; or apply a few drops on its own to prominent areas of the face to highlight.
- Ideal on the cheekbones to illuminate the eye area.
- Body: Apply onto décolleté, shoulders and legs to redefine and highlight your assets or to enhance your tan.
- Hair: Apply along hair length to add touch of radiance & instantly illuminate the hair.