Morocco Ghassoul Blackhead Out Set - 11 pcs


Powerful nose patches to remove blackheads and impurities. Formulated with Moroccan Ghassoul and white clay, they clean blackheads and dead skin from difficult areas effectively and without irritation.

- Removes blackheads and impurities effectively
- Cleans the pores without irritation
- Softens the skin and reduces pores thanks to cactus extract
- Recommended for oily or combination skin

How to Use:
- After cleansing the face, moisten the nose and surrounding areas with a little water
- With dry hands, remove the transparent film from the patch and apply the smooth side to the nose adjusting it properly
- Once in place, press until fully adhered
- Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the patch by gently lifting it from the edge
- Remove any residue with makeup remover or water.