The Finest Everday - 100 ml


Tfk Perfumes - The Finest Everday - 100 ml

Black truffle of perfumery, for the true connoisseur
Top Note: Rose Damascenia, Bergamot
Middle Note: Oudh essential oil, Jasmine
Base Note: Violet Woods, Guaiacwood, Patchouli, Siberian Pine, White

Every day I embrace humanity in all its totality. I find love in its
complexity and respect each unique soul vying for understanding and
care. I search for it in the gestures and notions of individual ways, and
watch it shine though in the smallest of creatures. Every day I
replenish my body, through movement and cleansing. I let the heat
penetrate my skin and let the water wash way my troubles. I remain
cleansed and reborn. Every day I take you with me in my thoughts and
in my heart. I will not leave you behind and will hold out my hand
when you fall. Every day I nurture myself. I take in the earth’s riches
and respect her limits. I do not plunder or destroy and will only
consume what is mine to take. I do not exploit her creatures nor do I
find pleasure in her blood. She gives me energy though her soul and
every day I am forever grateful. Every day I am in transit on foot or in
my mind. I share my stories and exchange my tales with others. I
relish the fleeting time and the passing friends.

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