Water Boom Jelly Mask Set - 3 Pcs

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Moisturizing set for dehydration and stressed skin protection

The set includes:

1- Water Boom Jelly Mask – 80ml
Jelly texture spreads like water right after applying and provides deep moisturizing to dry and stressed skin.
Makes it fresh and healthy
Like Moisturizing day cream provides protection from fine dust and harmful environment
Plant extracts have an outstanding sooth effect and smoothe rough and irritated skin
Vitamins provide nutrition to the skin and make it moisturized and nourished
Outstanding moisturizing aquacyl ingredient supplies moisture deeply into the derma and makes it glow
Non-irritating and hypoallergenic

How to use:
- Apply more on very dry skin.
- It can be used as a sleeping pack or moisture cream.
- If your skin is irritated, apply toner after cleaning or use a jelly mask as the last step of skincare.

2- Purifying Jelly Cleansing Mask – 100ml
Moisture Jelly Cleansing Foam using a 3-Stage transformation formula to preserve the moisture in the skin while cleansing dust and waste
Purifying Cleansing Mask that soothes the skin irritated by harmful external factors
Non-irritating and hypoallergenic

How to use:
- Apply on skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth
- Massage around the skin for about 1 minute.

3- Peeling Pad & Moisture Mask
Step 1:
Massage the dry cleansed face with the smooth side of the sheet.
Massage the areas needed with the embossed side of the sheet.
Rinse the face with lukewarm water.

Step 2:
Apply all masks on the area needed (cheeks, forehead, chin)
Remove mask and massage the remained essence into the skin.


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