Detangling Brush Majolica Cherry Print - Original


The Dessata brushes are the only detangling brushes that will totally change your experience with which you can brush your hair quickly, without any effort and without the need to use any other product. Thanks to its innovative system with 440 flexible bristles with triple height, you can brush your hair without pulling or breaking it.

- The plastic gel used by Dessata stimulates the cuticle and the capillary fibres, providing a special soft and shiny finish, as if the hair has just been straightened
- Instead of pulling the knot and breaking the hair, it glides smoothly through it letting the other bristles do the work.
- Drastically reduces hair loss. You will notice very few hairs on your Dessata brush after use.
- Bristles massage the scalp increasing the blood flow and helping the hair growth.
- Suitable for children

How to Use:
The Dessata hairbrush is good for the toughest hair, both fine and brittle or curly, strong and tangled. To be used on wet hair, after a shower, or on dry hair without the need for conditioners.