Aqua Blue Lemon Shower Filter - 160g


A filter that boosts the best moisture retention by using scent slurry and milk powder, as well as chlorine removal in the tap water to conduct a perfume test with a professional irrigation pipe to make an optimum incense.

- Chlorine Removal: Tap water uses chlorine, which is highly sterilizing and disinfecting, to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria. However, Residual chlorine in tap water is easily exposed and absorbed through the respiratory tract and skin. Using tap water that is not pure can cause skin diseases. H201 Vitamin Shower Filter effectively removes chlorine residual.

- Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a typical antioxidant that not only is effective in reducing ageing, staining, freckles but also helps to protect the hair healthily and flexibly.

- Snail Slime: Snail mucilage can enhance skin quality & the ability to regenerate the skin as it ages, such as freckles, spots, etc., that are damaged by ultraviolet rays and the external environment. It also works on wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks.

- Milk Powder: Powdered Milk effectively removes dead skin cells and dead skin without tangles.

- Aroma Therapy: The aroma added to the filter is unique to H201 Vitamin Shower Filter and has been studied for maximum relaxation. It is developed through tens of thousands of tests such as water pressure, temperature, water quantity for optimum incense!

How to Use:
- Unscrew the showerhead and attach the essence to the showerhead and arm