The Classic Key Chain Funnel - Black


A small funnel to store your frequent supplements, with a key chain for you to easily carry to the run
Allows you to scoop your favorite supplement (e.g., whey or plant protein, pre-workout, BCAAs, etc.) and funnel it into a drink bottle when you're ready to consume!

- Patented dual cap miniature design
- Holds one full scoop of supplement powder
- BPA-free, eco-friendly & TSA friendly
- The ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts of all levels
- OnMyWhey is not just for whey or supplement powders, but is also great for containing camping spices, baby formula, vitamins, medications, and much more
- Helps in reducing one-time use of plastic baggies
- Carry the bottle with you by using the easy clip carabiner keychain to clip the bottle to your clothes, gym bag, purse, or anything else

How to use:
- Unscrew the top cap to funner your supplement into a water or drink bottle