Anti-Aging Beauty Activate - 60 ml


The effectiveness of peeling results from the combination of two synergistically active ingredients - the innovative peelmoist complex with active papain, which increases the penetration of active ingredients into the skin and exfoliating exotic fruit pulp (yellow mombin, mango and banana).
Combined, leave the skin thoroughly cleansed from the dead epidermis.
The unique form of molecular, molecular film prevents uncontrolled peeling of the epidermis.
The ectoine contained in the peel - an amino acid produced by microorganisms living in extremely unfavorable conditions - creates a biological protective shield on the skin and increases its resistance to external factors.
Silky blueberry wax and a set of valuable oils - tsubaki, macadamia and plant-rich kain retinol - make the skin elastic, rebuild its hydrolipid coat, and stimulate renewal and rejuvenation processes.
The skin after the peeling - thanks to its biomimetic properties, enabling the effective action of active ingredients - remains soft and smooth, ready for further care treatments.

Active ingredients:

ektoina - an amino acid that guarantees deep and long-lasting skin hydration. It increases its resistance to external factors and uv radiation.

Kahai oil - an extremely valuable oil with a strong anti-aging effect, also called plant retinol. It contains three times more natural retinol than rose oil and 50% more vitamin e and linoleic acid than argan oil. Moisturizes, firms and rejuvenates the skin, activates the process of its renewal, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, works remedial.

Chinese lacquer tree - ecological equivalent of silicones. It creates a smooth, breathable protective film on the skin. Koi and extends the care of the cosmetic.

Peelmoist - an intelligent ingredient that increases percutaneous penetration of papain - an enzyme with exfoliating properties. Forms on the skin the form of a molecular, molecular film, preventing uncontrolled peeling of the epidermis.

Tsubaki oil - pressed from seeds of japanese camellia. Valued for strong anti-aging properties. It nourishes, strengthens and tones the skin, and eliminates discoloration and scars.

Exotic fruit pulp - extract of yellow mombin, mango and banana pulp. It works strongly exfoliating and exfoliating, refreshes and softens the epidermis.

How to use:

Apply a thin layer of the exfoliator to cleansed skin, gently massage it and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse the product thoroughly with warm water.
Apply the selected serum, cream or alkemie mask.

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