Cartier Baiser Vole Eau De Parfum D'Amour 100 ml - Women

Cartier Baiser Vole Eau De Parfum D'Amour 100 ml, Stolen Kiss. Fateful meeting of two strangers, covered by an unexpected passion ... desire to be tempted to forget the dance ... Courage to steal a kiss from her lips, without fear of being punished ... Exceptional, heady moment in life when everything can change suddenly ... Love and passion for - French interpretation of the exclusive perfumer House Cartier - Mathilde Laurent. Cartier "Baiser Vole" - awakening in us the memory of a thrilling, passionate kiss Le Baiser Du Dragon, Cartier house draws you a new, no less intriguing history. Excited and languishing in anticipation, you suddenly feel a light touch, like a kiss, made secretly. This hot, sensual "Stolen Kiss" is called "Baiser Vole", and you know that it is not beautiful, and want it to be repeated! Move the breath and enjoy again this fresh, delicious flavor with a kiss ... Classification: fresh, floral.
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Brand Cartier
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