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    Remix 28 - Eau De Perfume - 100ml exclusive
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    Remix 28 - Eau De Perfume - 100ml

    Fruity Floral
    Top: Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit
    Middle: Jasmine, Anise, Rose
    Base: Musk, Wooded, Vanilla
    Sparkling top notes are followed by a sensual freshness coming from the mix of Jasmine
    and rose. All based on a velvet background.
    ""The oldest, shortest words - 'yes' and 'no' - are those which require the most thought.""
    He blinked against the pitch black. He had barely noticed the withering of light or the
    passing of time. His eyes felt dry as he strained hard and tried to make out the edges of the
    room. He smoothed his fingers over the starched hotel sheets still tucked firmly beneath
    him as his body lay out on the bed. As he rolled his head, he let it drop gently to the right,
    fixing his gaze on the crack of light escaping from beneath the door. He was waiting. It had
    been 28 hours since he slipped the note with his scrawled hand writing under the door and
    28 hours of waiting for that piece of paper to return with an answer. The light fractured ever
    so slightly and wisp of wind carried a slip of paper under the door and into the darkness of
    the room. He flew up from the bed, scrambling and clawing over the paper before
    composing himself, taking a breath. He unfolded the piece of paper. Just one small word,
    scrawled in unmistakable cursive joy – ‘Yes.’

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    Smelling Me Softley - Eau De Perfume - 100ml exclusive
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    Smelling Me Softley - Eau De Perfume - 100ml

    Top Notes Bergamot,
    Lavender, Cypress, Pink Pep
    Heart Notes Rose,
    Elemi, Cypriol, Leather Accord
    Base Notes Patchouli,
    Sandalwood, Vetiver, Moss, Musk
    I stir in the warmth of the morning light filtering through the lace curtains.
    There is a subtle, audible breeze that passes the warm air over my bare
    skin. I open my eyes against the light and he is there. He is lying peacefully
    on his side, his eyelashes casting a shadow under his closed eyes. His
    peacefulness sends a wave of relaxation through me and the corners of my
    mouth turn up slightly into a small smile. I pass the white sheet over our
    heads. It lifts up and floats back down gently over us and we are cocooned
    in the present. I can smell the soft scent of the fresh sheets and I breath in
    deeply to soak up the fragrance. As though he can feel my gaze, he stirs
    mildly. He shifts in his position ever so slightly and I can see his nostrils
    widen. He smells me softly, he feels the sheet over us and a sleepy arm
    reaches out and draws me closely to him. He softly resettles in his sleep. I
    will remember this morning often. This will be my daydream

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