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    3+1 Seasons - Eau De Perfume - 100ml exclusive
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    3+1 Seasons - Eau De Perfume - 100ml

    Top Notes Lime,
    Bergamot, Lemon
    Heart Notes Lilac,
    Lavender, Rose, Violet
    Base Notes Amber,
    Musk, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Cashmeran
    Her step skipped and her muscles twitched excitedly as her eyes darted from
    sight to sight, soaking in the collective delight of the fair ground patrons.
    The warm night air, the kind only felt in the midst of a thick summer, caused
    her cheeks to flush. Scents of lavender from the fields beyond mixed in with
    the citrus fruits hanging from the lemonade stand. The warm golden hue it
    up the chaotic scene in the midst of the surrounding night - like a new
    season or secret garden where the excitement and anticipation sharpen the
    senses and increase the heart’s beating.
    The bare light bulbs boarding the fairgrounds flickered with intensity and she
    felt the same electricity and excitement pass through her. Her gaze was
    drawn up to the ferris wheel, its lazy motion and slowly swaying carts filled
    with excited children pointing out to distant scenes and lovers embracing,
    encased in their own world. The whirring repetition of the off key tunes of
    the side show songs blended into a intoxicating dance and swirled around
    her head. She felt her hand gather her hem and she began to swirl around in
    circles, carelessly humming to the songs, her senses drowned in the wonder
    of the night carniva

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    Smelling Me Softley - Eau De Perfume - 100ml exclusive
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    Smelling Me Softley - Eau De Perfume - 100ml

    Top Notes Bergamot,
    Lavender, Cypress, Pink Pep
    Heart Notes Rose,
    Elemi, Cypriol, Leather Accord
    Base Notes Patchouli,
    Sandalwood, Vetiver, Moss, Musk
    I stir in the warmth of the morning light filtering through the lace curtains.
    There is a subtle, audible breeze that passes the warm air over my bare
    skin. I open my eyes against the light and he is there. He is lying peacefully
    on his side, his eyelashes casting a shadow under his closed eyes. His
    peacefulness sends a wave of relaxation through me and the corners of my
    mouth turn up slightly into a small smile. I pass the white sheet over our
    heads. It lifts up and floats back down gently over us and we are cocooned
    in the present. I can smell the soft scent of the fresh sheets and I breath in
    deeply to soak up the fragrance. As though he can feel my gaze, he stirs
    mildly. He shifts in his position ever so slightly and I can see his nostrils
    widen. He smells me softly, he feels the sheet over us and a sleepy arm
    reaches out and draws me closely to him. He softly resettles in his sleep. I
    will remember this morning often. This will be my daydream

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