Moisturizing Nano Bio Fiber Mask - 4 Packs


Nano Bio-Fiber masks use a Biocellulose technology.

With a diameter of 2-100 nano, Biocellulose is a thousand times thinner than hair.

This allows the mask to perfectly contour to the face and allows a structured release of the moisturizing products to the skin for a luxurious and effective hydration treatment.

Ideal for Normal to Dry Skin types, the Moisturizing Nano Bio-Fiber Mask covers the whole face and releases moisturizing ingredients to the skin for active penetration and added treatment efficiency.

The Seaweed Extracts and Hyaluronic Acid give intense hydration properties, whilst the Imperata Cylindrica Extract helps refresh the skin.


- Nano structure offers large skin contact area, covering the entire face.

- The product and ingredients are delicate and soft.

- Allows active penetration for increased treatment results

How to use:

- Clean the face in preparation.

- Tear off the first non-woven layer (rough surface).

- Place the middle semi-transparent mask on the face, starting from the eye area down to the chin and pressing it gently onto your skin.

- Remove the third layer (smooth surface) and press the mask onto the entire face for better contact.

- After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and gently massage the product into the skin for complete absorption.

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