Biocyte Gold Mask Bio-Cellulose Regenerating & anti imperfactions 25 gm

Every day, our skin is subject to various external (pollution, bacteria) and internal stress factors (including food), which can lead to temporary inconvenience such as imperfections and other unsightly blemishes Specially developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive, Biocyte GOLD mask®, with bio-cellulose, provides 3 essential constituents to deep-cleanse and regenerate the skin from within. GOLD and SILVER are two natural trace elements for purifying and regenerating the skin. LACTOFERRIN is a natural protein that rids the skin of bacteria. And to complete the treatment, chamomile and green tea work to soften the skin with a velvety smooth finish. Biocellulose acts like a second skin: biocellulose masks are ten times more effective than standard face masks.
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Brand Biocyte
SKU 017013
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