Blush & Contouring Brush - N D53


This cosmetics brush was designed for applying a blusher, bronzer or highlighter and to create precise contours. Thanks to its high quality synthetic hair, it does not leave any streaks and allows for an even application to achieve the perfect look.

Recommended care: Wash the brush regularly in a gentle shampoo as needed and let it air-dry. Do not submerge the metal or wooden parts into water unless absolutely necessary.


-Easy & comfortable application

-High quality synthetic hair

How to use:

-Application of a highlighter or a bronzer to contour your face: Apply a small amount of highlighter or bronzer onto the brush, dust if off on the top of your hand and gently apply over your forehead, under your cheek bones, your nose and, if required, your chin using gentle strokes to highlight these parts of your face to achieve the desired effect. Do not forget to highlight your neckline where light reflections are very effective.

-Application of a blusher: Apply a small amount of blusher onto the brush, tap it off onto the back of your hand and apply with gentle strokes, proceeding towards the outside. Add layers to achieve the desired effect. Start from the point where your outer mouth corner intersects with your nose line. From there, proceed diagonally towards your upper ear line. If your face is narrow and elongated, proceed to the center of your ear.

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Brand Dermacol
SKU MU-00001660
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