Dragon's Blood Facial Serum - 30ml


This serum has many therapeutic benefits, including anti-inflammatory compounds which help protect the cells of the skin, helps reduce redness and swelling, repair of collagen, and may help to heal skin tissue such as scarring, hyperpigmentation, skin tags and other skin disorders.

- OZNaturals Dragon’s Blood Facial Serum with other powerful antioxidants join forces to protect, heal, and rejuvenate skin back to a more youthful, glowing appearance.
- In addition, this serum will leave the skin feeling smooth as silk.
- THIS UNIQUE POWERFUL SERUM contains Dragon's Blood, Vitamin C, Rose Hips and Green Tea all of which promote cellular turnover, protection, and healing properties.
- This serum can be used for everything from anti-aging to acne.
- This will quickly become one of your favorite tools in achieving more youthful, clearer and brighter skin overall.

Howe to use:
- Apply serum to entire face, neck and decollete to absorb quickly.
- Follow with an OZNaturals moisturizers.
- Can be used morning and evening.
- Can be used with other OZNaturals facial serums.

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Brand Oz Naturals
SKU SC-00001626
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