Mini Brush Washing Machine - Orange


The rapid solution for the annoying cleaning session of your brushes and blenders

- No more than 30 seconds, your makeup brushes, sponge or even powder puff will be clean and dry
- Mini size washing machine shape for cleaning makeup tools
- When you have an easy, fast, and effective way to clean and dry brushes, your face becomes clearer, healthier, more beautiful
- This electric cute puff washing machine is new trend for cleaning your powder puff and makeup sponges!
- Dimensions: 10X8X11 cm
- Material: 90% ABS - 10% Copper

How to Use:
- Put some water and soap or baby shampoo into the bowl.Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid for 10s
- Turn on the spinner, and start to spin the brush to clean. Use clear water to clean the brushes again
- Discharge the dirty water, then spin the brush to dry

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Brand The Beauty Washer
SKU I-00000013243
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