Brecourt Ambre Noir Eau De Parfum 100 ml - Unisex


Brecourt Ambre Noir Eau De Parfum 100 ml , Top note : bergamot, magnolia, myrrh heart note : Amber, resin, orris, sandalwood Base notes : amber, musk, vanilla The Eau de Parfum Ambre Noir by Brecourt Paris is attractive sensuality dominated. A perfume that unisex scent an extremely beguiling energy radiates and inspires men and women alike. In the headnotes dominate extracts of the citrus bergamotte in combination with traces of delicate magnolia blossoms and spicy myrrh. The heart note presents itself as a strong amber chord with fine sandalwood background. The volatile hint of the iris root is strengthened by the ointment of the ointment. Vanilla and musk serve as a seductive base note. Black Ambra, Ambre Noir , is of considerable importance for the perfumery and acts here even as a namesake. The distinctive fragrance is perceived as dry and woody, balsamic and slightly tobacco-like. In addition, an it is an aphrodisiac attributed. The substance originally derived from sperm whales is now synthetically produced. is a strong character unisex fragrance composition that develops on the skin to create a unique fragrance experience. The Brecourt Ambre Noir Eau de Parfum is available as a filling with 50 ml or 100 ml in a plain black flacon.

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