Exfoliating Glove


Hailing from Australia’s sun-drenched shores, ECOCOCO is the eco-friendly range that will transform your skin from top to toe – starting with this ingenious Exfoliating Glove.


-Removing dead cells from the skin’s surface almost effortlessly, this glove prevents clogged pores, encourages the growth of new, healthy, youthful cells and preps the skin perfectly for self-tanning endeavours (thanks to this might mitt, you’ll discover that applying fake tan to new, healthy skin makes it endlessly more even and long-lasting, yay!)

-Removing dead cells from your skin’s surface, ECOCOCO’s Exfoliating Glove will make the world of difference to your body from top to toe, especially if you’re embarking on any self-tanning endeavours.

-Gently sloughing away this dead skin helps to prevent the clogged pores that can lead to acne, combat signs of ageing by removing dull, damaged skin and encouraging the growth of new, healthy skin, revealing a more smooth, even and radiant surface.

-Using this glove to exfoliate before tanning will help you to achieve the most even, long-lasting result possible – applying fake tan on a fresh layer of living cells means that it will last through one of your skin’s ‘cycles’ in its entirety, so you’ll look like a beautifully bronzed goddess for even longer.

-We like the sound of that.

How To Use:
Can be used on every part of your body while bathing, with or without exfoliating scrubs.

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