I'm Sorry for My Skin Bounce jelly Sleeping Mask - 80ml


Do not know the famous sleeping packs? They are a nocturnal facial mask in gel format that act while you sleep. The perfect solution for women who do not have time! It is super practical, it is applied at night after the facial cleansing routine and as if it were a cream. It has a gel-like texture that does not stain the sheets and acts without you noticing! The Bounce Jelly Sleeping Mask provides elasticity, nourishes, moisturizes and helps maintain the natural balance of the face. It is formulated with white truffle extract and propolis extract that provide a repairing and anti-wrinkle effect at night, all to wake up with a fully revitalized skin. Effect eight hours of sleep!


Hydrates in depth.
It helps maintain the natural balance of the skin.
Repair and anti wrinkle effect.
It provides elasticity to the skin.
Night mask

How to use:

After daily cleansing, apply the mask evenly on the face and leave on during the night. The next morning, remove with warm water.

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