Eye Brigthening Cream- 10ml


Eye Brigthening is a skincare specifically developed to fight hyperpigmentation around the eye. It corrects pigmented dark circles, shades the colour contrast, brightens and lightens, for a fresh and luminous look.
Its refreshing applicator tip makes it easy to apply.

-For all skin types
-Its texture is fluid cream, non-greasy, non-sticky
-After 2 months of rigorous application, you will see the first results: dark circles are less visible, the eye contour is brightened.
-Doctors prescribe it as a complement to aesthetic procedures like: Skin peeling, and Laser treatments
-Used alone by dermatologists on pigmented dark circles.

How To Use:
-Apply twice a day
-Apply to perfectly clean skin and avoid contact witht the eye
-Apply the product in small circular movements starting from the inside corner to the outside corner of the eye.
-Use SPF 50 sunscreen throughout your use of CEBELIA Eye Brightening.

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