E231 Bioptic Bags Reducer Mask - 20ml


BAGS REDUCER MASK is the congestion-relieving effect provides an immediate sensation of well-being.

-MICRO-COLLAGEN is a micro-fragment of collagen produced by bio-synthesis from natural collagen.
-This treatment providing a decongesting and anti-fatigue action, fights effectively against the aging signs.
-Regenerates the skin in-depth and helps smooth small wrinkles of the eye contour by softening the skin.
-Due to their micro-size, these small collagen molecules allow skin tissue regeneration.
-SILOX GT helps restore suppleness and tone to tired skin, and reduces the activity of free radicals.

How to use:
-Use it by cotton pads, it decongests and soothes the area around the eye.

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Brand Ericson Laboratoire
SKU SC-00000279
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