Mineralizing Thermal Water - 150 g


Vichy Thermal Water is exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements.
It refreshes the skin, reduces irritation and protects the outer skin layers from the surrounding factors, improving the natural defense of the cells and accelerating their regeneration.
Thermal water is rich in rare metals and is beneficial to all kinds of humans, even for sensitive skin.
For men and women who want to soothe and revitalize the skin, whatever its kind, even sensitive skin.

It Includes iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, silicon: unique to give thermal water a refreshing, rejuvenating and soothing specification.

- Designed to avoid allergies.
- Free of perfume.
- Free of preservatives.
- Reduces 20% of redness.
- Relieves 52% of feeling irritability.

How to use:
- After removing the makeup and before putting the daily protection, spray it 30 cm away from the face over a clean skin.
- Leave for a few seconds and dry it with a towel or napkin.
- It can be used under make-up or to rejuvenate the skin as desired during the day.

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