Versa Grey and Silver Smartwatch - Unisex


Designed to be your personal health and fitness smartwatch, Versa does more than tell the time. It tells you how to make the most of it.


Know yourself, know your health

-Personal Fitbit Dashboard: From water to workouts, see all your stats, set goals & track progress in the Fitbit app.

-Sleep Tracking & Stages: Track time in light, deep and REM sleep stages & get insights about your night.

-Female Health Tracking: Turn on female health tracking to log periods, track your cycle & gauge ovulation.

Discover easy ways to improve your day

- Fitbit Today: See your daily stats and progress, plus personalised insights & goal reminders right on your smartwatch.

-Reminders To Move: Keep moving toward your goals with friendly reminders that encourage you to stay active throughout the day.

- Guided Breathing Session: Find moments of calm with guided breathing sessions that are personalised based on your heart rate.

-PurePulse Heart Rate: Track all-day heart rate, resting heart rate & heart rate zones during workouts.

-Dynamic On-screen Workouts: Start personalised workouts on your wrist & get coached through every move.

-15+ Exercise Modes: Use Swim, Run & other modes to see real-time stats while you exercise.

-Connected GPS: See pace & distance during runs or rides by connecting to your phone’s GPS.

Everything you need, one swipe away

-Store Songs & Deezer Playlists: Store and play 300+ songs on your watch—plus download your own or curated playlists from Deezer.

-Notifications & Quick Replies: Get call, calendar, text and app alerts. Send quick replies to messages (Android only).

-Contactless Payments: Store and use credit cards right on your watch with Fitbit Pay.

Plus, more ways to make it personal

-Global Community: Join an inspiring fitness community, share articles & add friends to keep you accountable.

-Challenges & Adventures: Stay motivated by starting solo step challenges or creating one with friends.

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