I'm In Love Roseheart Two Tone Oil Mist - 50gm


Two-toned mist with a layer of each essence and oil. It contains 69.6% rose extract and 0% purified water, meaning pure essence and better moisture retention compared to water based mists

- Instantly hydrates, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soothed.
- This sebum and pH balancing mist is good for dry and combination skin
- If your skin troubles are due to lack of moisture, give Rose Water Mist a try
- Phytochemicals and other natural extracts for anti-aging, whitening effect for younger looking skin
- Subtle rose aroma is an added benefit
- Free of harmful ingredients like paraben, alcohol, benzophenone

How to use:
- Gently mist a generous amount of the product approximately six inches away from the face with eyes closed
- Wait until the formula are naturally absorbed into the skin

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Brand Rose Heart
SKU BAB-00000181
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