Long 4 Lashes - Lip Tattoo - Long Lasting Lip Tint 24h - Lip Gel - 8 ml - RoseWood


Precisely apply the gel on cleansed and well moisturized lips. The application should be started from the upper lip, by selecting the appropriate lip contour. During the application and immediately after it, do not join the lips. If the gel is applied beyond the lips, remove the excess before drying. Wait about 5 minutes until the preparation dries and the film is created. For a stronger effect, extend the time by another 5-10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, gently remove the peel-off layer. Immediately after removing it, do not lick lips. Wait for 2 minutes and then apply your favorite mouth oil, which will protect the color and moisten the lips. To maintain the effect - do not drink or eat for an hour after application.

In order to maximize the durability of the make-up and perfectly emphasize the lips - the day before applying the gel, you can perform a peeling of lips and apply a moisturizing lotion, which will allow you to remove dry skins.

Note: The product should not be applied in rooms with high humidity, eg during bathing.

A gel created to achieve a 24-hour * effect of permanent make-up. The innovative LongStayColour technology allows for perfect underlining and saturation of the lips with an intense color.

Hyaluronic acid and argan oil contained in the gel formula, smooth and care for the lips, moisturizing and protecting them.

The PEEL-OFF formula - a quick way to get fashionable and expressive lip makeup. The gel provides a comfortable application, and after drying it easily pulls - making the lips will be saturated with color and temptingly beautiful.

EFFECT: Color saturated and moisturized lips. Permanent make-up without leaving marks, smudging and the need for corrections during the day.

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