Al-Maazeem by Mazyed Al-Moasharji


She froze, petrified, does not know whether to sit or stand still..
Any pretence she should give for her to leave the wedding hall would be inexcusable..
Scared. Bewildered. Frightened by his gaze, burning through her..
Scared of what her repressed emotions might bring forth from that one look. That one look which can conjure up every single memory, overflowing like a volcano freshly erupted..
At the exact same moment, Mohammed Abdu's song started playing (al-Maazeem) and that's when the groom turned to his bride who she whispered into his perfumed ear:
The Bride: "Do you like the song? Surprise!"
"It quite is!" Said the groom.
The Bride: "I'm glad you like it"
And as the song kept playing, an old woman enters the scene, holding the hand of a young woman who was struggling to hide her face..
But his broken heart recognized her – his first love – Only for Mohammed Abdu's voice to turn up with the line "as she appeared", to symbolize every moment of the situation..

"As she appeared, my old wounds opened up..
We flew to her, me and my yearning and longing..
And her eyes stole a glimpse with surprise, met the aching in my soul and cried.. and how happy could i be..
Tonight, my luck has reached its best..
My lover is here.. among the guests.."

- Dimensions: 14 x 21.5 cm