Naba'a Yaqin by Adham Sharkawi

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Brand Dar Kalemat

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    Our view of ourselves is what determines our value in life!
    There is a difference between who only perceives his job as a way to make money, who sees the impact of his deeds!
    Every action, no matter how trivial, leaves an impact in this world, you just need to shift your focus to that impact!
    You are more than just a Cleaning Man, you are a person who gives the city its beauty!
    You are not just a Carpenter, you are a person who works to shield homes from the sun and wind!
    You are not just a Tailor, you are giving people a touch of elegance!
    You are not just a Preacher on a pulpit, you pave the way for people to reach out to God!
    You do not merely Teach boys, you sculpt men out of them!
    You are not just an Engineer and a bridge maker, you build to connect people!
    You are not just a Doctor you are a healer!
    You are not just a Housewife, you are the most important being on this planet… As with God’s will, you give the planet its population. You are the educator, the brightest one yet.. because there’s no making that’s greater than a human’s!

    - Dimensions: 2x15x13cm
    - Number of Pages: 391

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