Small Bubble Cleanser Black Head Removal Device


A deep cleansing device that removes acne, whiteheads, makeup and oil. Comes with 4 heads for different purposes.

- Soft Brush Head: For daily care.
- Large Soft Plastic Brush Head: Suitable for sensitive skin
- Small Hard Platic Brush Head: Clears out dead skin and cleans up make up
- Hard Plastic Suction Head: For microdermabrasion and exfoliation
- Speed modes:
Level 1: For dry skin, gently removes dirt
Second gear: For normal skin with medium-to-strong power that removes facial dirt
Third gear: For oily skin that clears out dirt

- Weight: 200g
- Rated current: 0.55A
- Size: 197x89x42.5mm
- Voltage: 3.7V
- Rated Power: 2W

How to Use:
1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on. The default settings the first gear/first blue indicator light is always on.
2. Short press the three gears to switch in sequence: (first gear/first blue indicator light is always on, second gear / second blue indicator light is always on -, third gear / third blue indicator light is always on- OFF).
3. Every time the gear is switched, the corresponding gear indicator is always on.

- Warranty: 6 Months