Densiphyl Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Concentrate - 2X60ml

25.000 KWD

Brand Phytodess

  • Description:

    Specially formulated to minimize hair loss and maintain hair density, this concentrate is enriched with cleome gynandra extract and a fortifying complex helps balance the hair’s life cycle.

    - Slows down hair loss and accelerates hair regrowth
    - Better hair coverage and a less visible scalp
    - Balances the scalp and provides a feeling of comfort.
    - Source of amino acids and minerals with anti-oxidant properties
    - Clinically proven

    How to Use:
    - On dry or towel-dried hair, create 5 partings then apply 6 pumps of product to each one and massage in order to spread the product evenly. Do not rinse
    - Use once a day for 3 months, ideally at night. For best results, do not wet your hair for 6 hours following application
    - One bottle contains enough product for 2 weeks of use. Only remove the pump once the bottle is empty, rinse the pump and let it dry before screwing it onto the next bottle.

  • Specifications:
  • SKU :HC-00002128