Rushball Game Set - Black


Rushball Game Set – quick set up 4 players game, suitable for all ages, which can be played outdoors, indoors, on the beach, at the park or in many other places.

1- 2 On 2
The game is played two on two.
The serving team starts a rally by hitting the ball off the net toward the opposing team player (the receiver).

2- The Serve
All players except the receiver must begin the point at least 2 meters from the net.
Only the receiver can return the serve and a minimum of two touches is required to return a serve.

3- During the Game
The receiving team has up to three touches alternating between the two players to hit the ball off the net and back to the opposing team.
After the serve, players can move and hit the ball from anywhere they choose, there are no boundaries.

The opposing team wins if the ball touches the floor, the net's circumference, bounces off the net multiple times, or gets 3 touches without being returned to the net.
The game can be played to 11, 15, 21 points.

Inside the box:
- 5 pockets
- 5 bows
- Net
- Inflater
- Bag
- 3 Rushballs