Hand Cream SPF 6 - 50ml

4.550 KWD

Brand Vebix

  • Description:

    This cream will hydrate and protect the skin of the hands (continuously stressed by aggressive external agents and naturally aging faster than other less exposed parts of our body, losing elasticity and tone), bringing back luminosity, suppleness, and uniformity.
    The included sun filters (protection factor SPF6) along with the Vitamin E, both effectively protect against solar radiations, aided by natural extracts (Lemon, Cucumber) that effectively perform as skin lighteners. Trehalose, a natural alpha-linked disaccharide grants extraordinary hydration and protection of hands skin.

    - Pomegranate: soothing and protecting, antioxidant action
    - Lemon: astringent, exfoliating, natural deodorant
    - Cucumber: softening, toning, balancing the stratum corneum lipid barrier
    - Evening Primrose: moisturizing, emollient, and rebalancing

    How to Use:
    - Apply and delicately massage to complete absorption, at least in the morning and evening

  • Specifications:
  • SKU :BAB-00001657