Tumbler Shaker - Metallic Cyan - 700 ml


The magic is in the ShakeSphere capsule design. No more mixing balls or mesh needed as the shaker does all the work for you, Super easy cleaning! No corners mean no powder gets stuck


- Capsule Shaped

The unique spherical design means absolutely zero protein mixture gets stuck

- BPA Free

Which means that it is non-toxic and causes no harm to the body

- The Lid Locks Shot with a Silicon Seal

Comes with a nifty sliding lid with a silicone seal. The silicone seal and lock create a watertight environment which means no leakages are possible.

- Blending Process With No Blades

The blending process means the fiber in your soft fruit is maintained, so you get the same great taste with the full nutritional value you’re expecting to get

- Freezer Safe

100% freezer safe. This means you can throw your shaker in the freezer without worry of it breaking under the extreme freezing conditions.

- No Lumps Or Bumps When Mixing

The centrifugal force of the liquid swirling around the protein capsule causes powders to be broken down with ease.

- Little To No Waste

Apart from the odd droplet, your ShakeSphere shaker will not only save you on washing up but also save you on wasted powder and ingredients.

- Easy Cleaning

All you need to do to clean your shaker bottle is simple to place some warm soapy water in the shaker and shake! However, if you just need to rinse the bottle after a quick shake at the gym, some cold tap water will do the job just fine.

- Shakesphere In Numbers

ShakeSphere Tumbler has a capacity of 700mls and can blend soft fruits and powders in no more than 10-15 seconds; that’s some serious speed.

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