Skincare Brush Set - 6 Pcs


Each unique brush is designed to make the most of your favorite products and improve your results. These brushes do not absorb and waste their skin care formulas, such as our fingers and hands, during application. In addition, brushes designed to apply products smoothly and accurately to avoid causing damage by pulling the skin. Enjoy beautiful skin and a perfect foundation for makeup.

Brushes included:

1 x S01 Clay/Mud Mask Brush:
Use to scoop and evenly spread thick masks onto skin.

1 x S10 Serum Brush:
Use to apply liquid and gel serums gently and evenly.

1 x S05 Moisturizer Brush:
Use angle to gently apply moisturiser.

1 x S15 Gel Mask Brush:
Use to whip gel masks onto skin in circular motions.

1 x S20 Eye Cream Brush:
Use to apply eye cream into skin without tugging.

1 x S02 Spatula Brush:
Use to scoop and mix skincare products for custom care. 

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