When - Berry Dual Gel & Cream Sleeping Mask - 30 ml


Cream and Gel dual texture sleeping mask works double-time to regenerate and renew skin cells while you sleep for a fresh, plump and youthful looking skin in the morning

Gel and cream can be mixed or used in different portions according to your skin type and various needs caused by the changing seasons or environment.


When® Berry Dual Gel & Cream Mask contains dual gel and cream texture to both moisturize, anti-oxidize, and nourish the skin while you sleep. Gel contains super anti-oxidants Berry complex and Edelweiss stem cells, and Cream contains shea butter and adenosine.

Swiss Edelweiss Stem Cells
- Edelweiss grows in harsh mountain climates, and thus has developed powerful anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties to thrive in environment where UV radiation is high. Edelweiss stem cell media helps to strengthen the skin barrier, keep skin hydrated, prevent collagen loss and firm skin making wrinkles less visible

Berry Complex
- Contains various vitamins and other anti-oxidants from grapes, blueberries, elderberries, blackberries and bearberries.
- Vitamins energize the skin while other anti-oxidants help to rejuvenate and prevent skin from aging
- Cream texture formula contains adenosine and shea butter for improved skin elasticity and skin nourishing
- Gel texture formula contains berry complex and Edelweiss derived stem cells for anti-oxidant effects and renewal of the skin layer
- Blending Sleeping Mask: Long spatula is included to blend the cream and gel texture together for special dual effect.

Cream Form Shea Butter
- Natural fat extracted from African Shea Tree nuts, Shea Butter helps to moisturize rough and dry skin, and helps to regenerate skin. Also abundant in several natural vitamins (A, D, E, F).

Vegfruit 6 Complex
Contains 6 plant ingredients to help calm, moisturize, and firming skin.
- Eggplant extract for easing skin troubles
- Aloe Vera Leaf extract to help calm and moisturize skin - Broccoli extract to help stimulate and firm up skin
- Citrus Peel extract for alleviating inflammation
- Kiwi extract for brightening and antioxidizing skin
- Avocado extract for protecting skin from UVA rays

How to use:

Use daily, especially at night, or at the end of the skin care routine. Using the spatula included in the box package, scoop the desired amount of gel and cream onto your hand, mix and then apply a thick layer on to face according to the skin condition of the day, then go to sleep without rinsing.

<Mix Ratio Tips>
• For oily skin and for those that want to break away from heavy creams
Gel :Cream = 2 :1
• For dry skin and for those who want extra moisturization for dry and tight skin
Gel :Cream = 1 :2

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