False Eyelashes - Nina


Lightweight, adding medium to full volume, length and unique style to any makeup look.
It natural-looking tips, it's perfect for creating a 'doll-eye' effect.

-Volume: Medium to full
-Type: Mink Hair
-Band: Cotton thread
-Color: Natural Black
-Length: 10mm – 17mm

How to use:
-Place the lash on your lash line to give you an indication of how much you need to trim them.
-Trim from the end of the lash to desired length.
-Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the band and wait until it is semi-dry.
-Using tweezers, hold the lash from the hair in the centre of the lash and place on the bed of your own lash line.
-Once resting in place, push the ends of the lash onto your lash line to stick in place.

-Apply one coat of mascara before applying false lashes to give a solid foundation for your false lashes to rest on.
-Leave a slight gap on the inner corner of lash line when applying false lashes for more comfortable wear.