Perfect Teint Cream - 30ml


M.Asam Perfect Teint Cream - 30ml Perfect Teint (30ml) immediately smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles and large pores Leaves a perfect and flawless skin in an instant Matting formulation that makes your skin appear smoother The gentle cream can be applied onto small lines or large-pored areas, or thinly onto your entire face Can be mixed with a tinted moisturiser or make-up, for an immediate smoothing effect! The smoothing and matting texture optically fills lines and wrinkles in an instant. The skin appearance is immediately smoother, leaving an even and radiant complexion. An innovative Retinol-Peptide-Complex cares additionally against visible signs of premature skin aging long-term. The facial cream with immediate effect can be directly applied onto wrinkles or onto your whole face. PERFECT TEINT is suitable for all skin types and skin ages. BEAUTY TIP: Mix the gentle texture of Perfect Teint with a tinted moisturiser or make-up and apply onto the face. You will notice an immediate smoothing effect and your complexion will look perfectly matte and even.