Ameera London Skin Care Set - 2 Pcs


The Ameera London set contains:

1.Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil - 100ml
It is an age-old Moroccan beauty treatment derived from the Argania Spinosa trees that grow in the south of the country.
The oil effectively revives skin and strengthens hair.

-Argan Oil is a non-comedogenic which means it will not clog the pores.
-Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, encouraging absorbency.
-Argan oil is an excellent remedy for skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, and Psoriasis.
-It includes Vitamin E, beneficial for both hair and skin.
-Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil is packaged in stylish, white oval shaped boxes. 

2.Moroccan Ghassoul
Ghassoul is a hypoallergenic, mineral enriched clay mask found in the beds beneath the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The facial mask contains several beneficial elements that effortlessly make skin glow and hair lustrous

-It is highly suitable for relieving inflammatory skin conditions.
-Organic Moroccan Ghassoul is suitable for use on both hair and skin.
-It is known for its superb softening capability, effective removal of dead skin cells and ability to strengthen hair follicles.
-Moroccan Ghassoul is rich in silica, making it an excellent facial mask, shampoo and conditioner.
-The Moroccan Ghassoul clay mask is encased in an elegant, sealable white pack.
-Moroccan Ghassoul draws out impurities and removes toxins from the skin and hair

How To Use:
-It can be used as frequently as necessary.

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