Babyliss High Tech Straightener (2091SDE)

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BaByliss Pro Hair Straightener BAB2091SDE is built with Ionic Titanium Technology, Ceramic Plates Heating System & Advance Heat Management System is the perfect hair straightener demanded by hair dressers.Natural hair are positively charged by nature due to heat & dust, and this charge is enhanced during the drying process, resulting in the formation of static electricity. This causes that move the cornea scales on the hair surface from each other away, resulting in rough hair surface & making hair look dull. The BaByliss Pro BAB2091SDE Hair Straightener generates negative ions to neutralize the positive charge and remove any static electricity from the hair. The hair bceome silky, shiny and easy to style. It is also shown that the ionic technology favors the effect of hair care products.The BaByliss Pro BAB2091SDE Hair Straightener also has a self-regulating heating element of the latest generation -Advanced Heat Management, which enables precise and continuous electronic temperature control. This technology ensures that the straightener heats up immediately, and once the set temperature is reached, the temperature is consistently maintained throughout the session. It facilitates the best straightening effect through the entire hair surface from root to tip.The BaByliss Pro Hair Straightener BAB2091SDE is every hair stylists perfect companion!How to use:(1) Wash Hair - Initial step in straightening hair is washing it.(2) Dry Hair - Hair can be dried with a blow dryer, or left to air dry.(3) Section Hair and Clip it Up - Straightening needs to be done in sections, especially with longer hair.(4) Apply Heat Protectant.(5) Use the Straightener.(6) Style Hair.

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Brand BaByliss Pro
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