Camphorganic Skin Care Set - 3 Pcs


This special skin care set consists of:
1.Camphorganic Refreshing Toner - 125ml
-Lightweight toner infused with 70% of Chamomile Flower Extract nourishes skin without leaving stickiness.
-Fully moisturizes and conditions skin

2.Camphorganic Returning Essence - 50ml
-This serum that purifies and moisturizes the skin starting from the bottom layer, gives the skin shine and promotes the skin tone.
-Camphorganic Recharging Essence is certified organic over 94% and contains 99% natural ingredients.
-Jeju complex - making your skin healthier and brighter and is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects and is good for eczema.
-Chamomile Juice - moisturizes cream by providing a natural odor, soothes tired skin.
-Centella Asiatica Extract -supports to accelerate the healing of wounds and soothe the skin.

3.Camphorganic Recharging Cream - 60g
-Nourishing facial cream enriched with organic ingredients offers mild care for both kids and adults.
-Natural emulsifier and Shea Butter content help prevent moisture loss
-Enriched with Camphor Tree content that effectively calms and revitalizes stressed skin.

How To Use:
-After facial cleansing, apply toner, essence, emulsion orderly and finish with cream.
-Gently dap for further absorption.
*Body Care: Apply a moderate amount of Body Cream over dry body areas and lightly massage for better absorption.

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