Patches For Reshaping & Firming Critical Areas - 48 Patches


A new ultra technological patch specifically designed for the critical areas of the body (legs, arms, hips, and buttocks).

- Consist of active ingredients for an intense which lasts a whole 8 hours.
- The patch has a 360° effect on the skin.
- Thanks to a perfect combination of caffeine and garcinia Cambogia, known for their exceptional lipolytic properties.
- Ginkgo biloba extract to tone, firm, and combat free radicals.
- The effects are boosted by active ingredient which stimulates the microcirculation.
- Made from an extra-soft, ultra comfort table material, the patch goes on in an instant and adheres perfectly to the body, making it invisible under even the tightest clothes.
- It can be worn both day or night during normal everyday activities.

How to use:
- Remove the middle part of the protective film and apply the patch treatment to the abdomen, ensuring skin is clean and dry.
- Remove the sides of the film and apply to the hips, pressing gently to ensure it adheres perfectly. leave on for maximum 8 hours.
- It is extremely easy to use and it leaves no traces on the skin.
- Repeat the procedure on the same areas twice a week for at least one month.
- The patch is disposable and should not be reused.
- Do not apply to parts of the body that are not indicated.
- Do not apply on irritated skin or immediately after hair removal.
- Avoid contact with the eyes.

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