The Konjac Sponge - Pink Clay Luxury Travel Duo Set


The ideal travelling companion. This duo kit will pass straight through all airport security in your hand luggage, yet give you everything you need to stay fresh whilst away from home keeping skin fresh and revived with konjac vegetable fibre and added french pink clay for tired and devitalised skin. Perfect after a flight, or exposure to the elements. The kit contains a face puff and a 6 wave body sponge, as well as a mesh drying bag, to hang your sponges in after use. Then stow them away inside the soft travel bag when on the move. The sponges are delivered in dry form in just refresh in water before use. The pouch is designed for when you are on the move, so remember to hang your damp sponges out to dry when you reach your destination.

Product description:

- body sponge made of six waves with 13.5 cm width.

- perfect for bathing.

- suitable for all skin types.

- face sponge width is 8 cm.

- all products are handmade and tested for purity and genuineness.

- if the product doesn’t have the company logo it is not genuine.

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Brand The Konjac Sponge Co
SKU 030869
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