Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid Solution 100 Ampoule Serum

93% of 100

Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid Solution 100 Ampoule Serum Hyaluronic acid 100 (Carestory Hyaluronic 100 acid solution), 10 ml Why should you buy exactly Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid? 1. It has 100% purity and the highest quality. Innovative patented technology for obtaining and cleaning. 2. Top1-product in a series of professional ampoule cosmetics Ramosu Premium class. 3. Hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies) 4. Absolutely safe. Serum was tested in laboratories of Korea, the European Union, Ukraine and other countries. Has all the certificates and permits. 5. Low molecular weight and molecular size, 5 nanometers against 2000-3000 nanometers from other manufacturers, allows to be absorbed deep into the skin and therefore effectively moistens it from the inside. 6. Strengthens the effect of most cosmetic products, if any, applied after it. 7. Eliminates the peeling of the skin and restores the natural water balance. 8. Restores skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and reduces the depth of existing ones. 9. In addition to being used as a separate facial skin care product, it can also be used as a serum under the mesoroller in home care for more effective exposure and quick results. 10. Excellent for various hardware procedures in the cabin. 11. Award "Best Innovative Product" at the beauty exhibition in 2014.

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